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"A decade supporting women’s health and pregnancies lead me to create the best non-toxic 16-in-1 hand sanitiser for you and your family."

This is my story… 

Although I launched this business in the 2020 pandemic to help families stay safe and well, my passion for optimising people’s health and wellbeing runs much further back.

I’ll never forget the day I stepped outside Richmond train station on my way back home from visiting a client and saw my face plastered over the front cover of a gazillion Evening Standard papers. “The woman that’ll fix your balance”, it read. “More on page 29”. 


As you can imagine, I was overcome with disbelief, excitement and dare I admit, shyness, in case anyone noticed it was me. I felt like a million fireworks had exploded within my belly as I quickly flicked through to page 29. It was a feature of dreams that I never saw coming. Yet was the culmination of over a decade of hard work as a Registered Clinical Nutritionist helping women conceive and optimise their fertility and hormones naturally. A mission born from overcoming my own hormonal struggles. 

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I ran a very busy holistic clinic in London and nothing could prepare me for the surge of clients seeking to support their health that followed.  I was then offered the opportunity to partner up with a luxury and global beauty brand to formulate and develop a range of no-nonsense supplements for them. My hands were full and yet I thrived knowing that everyday I got to help women feel and look their best from within. Little did I know, things were about to get busier…


When the pandemic broke-out I was overwhelmed by the number of clients that sought my help to adopt a preventative lifestyle against a virus that we had very little data on. It was an especially difficult task because working with mums-to-be made them a particularly vulnerable group. 

I had enough. On a phone call to a friend, I decided to launch a sanitiser business. 

I was fed up of not being able to find and recommend a sanitiser that was strong enough to work on a wider range of infectious germs than alcohol and eliminate them quickly without stripping skin; was free from antibiotics typically found in alcohol-free alternatives that may disturb our skin microbiome with frequent and long term use; was versatile enough that one product could be used on surfaces and fabrics as well as hands for the whole family - at home but especially on-the-go because mums already juggle too much; and yet non-toxic and gentle enough to keep their ultra sensitive skin (including mums-to-be and their newborn babies) and the environment in safe and perfect harmony. All with clear information of what was (and wasn’t) in it and with 100% scientific proof that it works. So after venting to a friend on a phone call, I decided to develop my own. 


Not one to accept bad quality, I set about finding the best multipurpose disinfectant in the world who happened to be right under my nose; a UK manufacturer who've spent over 20 years finessing the production of stable and effective Hypochlorous A.K.A Sanitising Water to the Biocidal Products Regulation Standards. And so I bottled it up using my life savings which is so much easier said than done! 

I called our first product Super Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray, because, well… it really is super at eliminating germs on pretty much everything. And soon I’ll be expanding our product offering with a line especially marketed for babies and toddlers. 


Super Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray has a cult following of new parents, skincare gurus and beauty experts alike who’ve professed that it’s become a lifestyle product they can’t quite live without. It’s a product that holds my heart and soul and many dedicated years of scientific research and understanding into women’s health and lifestyle needs as a Clinical Holistic Practitioner. 


I pledge that every single bottle we sell to you delivers on the same care and transparency that sparked this business from the very beginning.

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Kay Ali, Founder at Labology 3


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16-IN-1 USES

Our sanitising water works on skin, fabrics and hard surfaces. It is even approved for disinfecting water meaning it can be used safely on pretty much everything! 

Labology 3_Best Hand Sanitiser_Super Strength.png


Our sanitising water is approved by the Biocidal Products Regulation which too few sanitisers are. This gives you an iron clad guarantee that it works in under 60 seconds on a wider range of bacteria, fungi and viruses than alcohol. 

Labology 3_Best Hand Sanitiser_Alcohol free and non toxic.png


Our sanitisers are free from alcohol, antibiotics, fragrances, parabens,  phthalates, essential oils and any harsh or irritating ingredients. 

Labology 3_Best Hand Sanitiser_Hypoallergenic.png


Our sanitising water is dermatologically tested, pH neutral and hypoallergenic. It feels just like water and is loved by ultra sensitive skin types including eczema prone skin. 

Labology 3_Best Hand Sanitiser_Environmentally friendly and vegan.png


Our sanitising water is made from running water and salt through an industrial process called electrochemical activation. It transforms these simple ingredients into a non-toxic and environmentally friendly disinfectant, deodoriser and sanitiser.



Our sanitisers are so gentle they're safe to use around babies and pets. 

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