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12 Surprising ways to use your Hand Sanitiser

Labology 3_12 surprising ways to use your hand sanitiser

Not all hand sanitisers are made the same. If you're looking to buy the best hand sanitiser and eco friendly cleaning products for surfaces, we recommend ditching hand gels for sanitising water sprays instead because you can use it to disinfect your hands as well as everyday essential items that need sanitising too. Basically you'll get more bang for your buck! That's because alcohol-free sanitising water is made from natural Hypochlorous Acid. It's a substance our immune system makes and has been proven to kill 99.9999% bacteria, 99.99% viruses and 99.9% spores in under 60 seconds. Yet, because it's water, it's an eco friendly sanitiser that is so gentle you can spray it on pretty much everything without needing to rinse it off (including baby's hands). Simply spray and allow to air dry on skin or fabrics, and wipe down on surfaces. Here are our top 12 ways to use our Super Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray, beyond cleaning hands:

  1. Deodorise your trainers: you might be surprised to hear that sanitising water not only disinfects surfaces, but deodorises them too. Give your insoles a spritz (your kids P.E. kit too) with our Super Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray and keep your footwear fresh.

  2. Sanitise your make-up brushes: simply spray on your brushes to disinfect them between washes and keep skin infections, like acne, at bay.

  3. Disinfect petrol pumps: we can't imagine how much bacteria lurks on a petrol pump. Of course, hand gloves are an option but we don't like the single use plastic and its negative impact on the environment. We recommend spraying the pump down with our Super Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray instead. It disinfects as quickly as 12 seconds so you can be on your way in no time!

  4. Clean public transport handles & seats: as many of us return back to working in the office post lockdown, we'll be taking public transport again. A helpful way to beat flu season and picking up infectious bugs is to sanitise public handles and seats. A quick spritz will do the job.

  5. Amplify your air diffuser: whether it's at your work station or at home, help purify the air by dispensing our Super Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray into your diffuser. Hypochlorous acid might sound scary, but it's not at all a harsh chemical and is non toxic to the environment (and our bodies). Just be sure not to combine it with anything else to guarantee maximum efficacy and stability!

  6. Sanitise your clothing: whether guests are arriving into your home, or you're the guest, give your clothes a quick mist with sanitising water to help contain the spread of unwanted germs. It won't dye your clothes and you won't need to spin it in the wash straight after either.

  7. Deodorise your clothes: want to get one more wear out of your favourite shirt before bunging it in the wash? No problem, use our Super Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray to deodorise your clothing. Lightly spray and allow to air dry.

  8. Safely disinfect your baby pacifier: gone are the days where you're out and about and accidentally drop the pacifier without another to spare. Simply spray the pacifier and wait 60 seconds. Wipe it dry and you're good to go. And remember, BPR compliant sanitising water is safe even if accidentally swallowed (you can read all about it here). We know, life saver!

  9. Keep baby's toys clean: baby won't let go of their favourite teddy to go in the wash? No worries, sanitise and deodorise it with a quick spray of our hand and surface sanitiser.

  10. Disinfect gym equipment: help keep equipment germ-free and spray it down before and after use with our Super Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray. We recommend you keep a bottle in your gym bag for this reason.

  11. Sanitise your smart phone: when was the last time your disinfected your phone? Yep, we can't remember either. Thankfully, you can lightly spray it down and keep it clean with sanitising water. Just wipe it dry after use.

  12. Disinfect your reusable face mask: there are plenty of reasons to opt for reusable face masks over single use. Chiefly, it's kinder to the environment. However, we do understand that remembering to put it in the wash and stave off mask (that's mask acne for the uninitiated) can be a challenge. We recommend spraying your mask with our Super Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray once you take it off. That way, it'll be super clean the next time you pop it on! Problem solved.

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