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7 Reasons Washy Woala Baby Hygiene Sanitising Water is a lifesaver for new mothers

Labology 3 Washy Woala safe and effective natural baby hygiene sanitising water for newborns and mums

As a new mum, the day to day can easily feel overwhelming. From feeding and changing nappies, sleepless nights, soothing a crying baby and what feels like getting through a never ending supply of laundry and washing up, keeping up with all the tasks of motherhood and caring for your little one can feel like a lot. One thing that can help make your life a bit easier is using a quick and effective baby-safe hygiene water like Labology 3's Washy Woala Sanitising Water.

Our baby hygiene sprays are formulated with compliance to the Biocidal Products Regulation (the only of its kind) for proven safety and efficacy to use around babies.

It is made from hypochlorous, a naturally-occurring substance inside our bodies that has been formulated with compliance to the Biocidal Products Regulation (the only of its kind, that you can read more about here) for proven safety and efficacy to use around babies. Unlike harsh chemicals found in some other sanitising products, our spray is gentle on your baby's delicate skin and lungs and won't cause any harm - even if accidentally ingested.

But what makes Labology 3's Washy Woala Sanitising Water a rescue product for new mothers? Here are seven ways you can use it to make life that little less stressful:

1. Quickly sanitise your baby's high chair and booster seat.

Did you know that most cleaning sprays require you to wait 5 minutes to properly disinfect the surface before rinsing and wiping it down? Yep, even the purported "natural" ones. It's a mothers nightmare. Not only do you not have 5 minutes to hang around, the second your back is turned your baby is likely running their fingers across the toxic chemical based solution. Thankfully, our Washy Woala Sanitising Water eliminates 99.9999% bacteria in under 60 seconds (it's kill 99.99% germs in less than 2 minutes). What's more is, made from electrolysed water and salt (nothing else) it's food-safe which means that if your baby happens to wipe their little fingers all over it, it poses no harm to their skin or if accidentally ingested. It's a mother's dream! Before and after each use of your high chair or booster seat, spray its surfaces with Washy Woala and let this very clean Koala Bear do all the work for you in seconds. You can wipe it dry or leave it to air dry. No need to rinse. Zero fuss.

2. Safely clean your baby's dummies, soothers and teething toys.

There's nothing more stressful than being out the house and your baby's last soother drops on the floor. Cue the tears and tantrums (from both mum and baby 😅). Luckily with Washy Woala or Handy Pandy Sanitising Water Spray in your baby bag you no longer need to shh your baby until you find the closest sink and washing up liquid. Simply spray the soother, wait 60 seconds, wipe dry and pop it right back into baby's hand. With its natural and fast acting elimination of germs that's food-safe on all types of surfaces - silicone, rubber, fabrics etc, it beats using water wipes (kinder to the environment too). You're welcome!

3. Effectively disinfect your baby's stroller and car seat.

Labology 3 Handy Pandy and Washy Woala Baby Hygiene Sanitising Water safely and quickly disinfects baby car seats and prams and buggies

Baby car seats tend to get grubby and grimy quickly, harbouring quite the army of bacteria. We recommend spraying the surfaces of your car seat (baby's stroller too) with Washy Woala Sanitising Water once a week. Better still if you don't want to add yet another task to remember every week, keep travel sized Handy Pandy Sanitising Water in the car to prompt your memory and give the baby car seat a quick spray down from time to time. It doubles up as a hypoallergenic, pH neutral hand sanitiser too. Perfect for no-rinse cleansing of your toddlers hands for that post nursery pick-up snack (or after those impromptu outdoor, potty-training wees!).

4. Clean your baby's toys.

From plush stuffed animals to rubber toys, your baby's items can hold germs and bacteria. Babies love to put their toys in their mouths, which can transfer germs from their hands to their toys and vice versa. To keep your baby's toys hygienic, you can use Washy Woala Sanitising Water to safely cleanse them without the need to rinse. Compliant with the Biocidal Products Regulation to a food-safe standard there's zero risk of harm if it gets in their mouths, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Simply give the toys a spray, wait 60 seconds and it's disinfected. You can wipe down hard toys or leave them to air dry.

5. Disinfect your baby's changing table.

Every nappy caddy should have a bottle of Washy Woala Sanitising Water. After each nappy change, spray the surface of the changing table with it for fast and effective disinfection that's non-toxic. This will help prevent the spread of germs and keep your baby's nursery safe.

Labology 3 Natural Washy Woala Baby Hygiene Sanitising Water safely and effectively keeps babies changing table clean. Must have item for new mums nappy caddy.

6. Freshen up your baby's laundry.

If by some miracle you've got through the evening without your baby soiling their clothes, save yourself from having to add it to the never-ending pile of laundry and use Washy Woala Sanitising Water to deodorise and disinfect baby's clothes. Lightly mist over clothing and allow to air dry.

7. Purify the air if someones caught a bug.

Help reduce the risk of the dreaded domino effect in your home the next time someone's picked up a bug. Just because one of you is poorly, doesn't mean you all have to go down! It's worth investing in a home fogging machine that you can decanter Washy Woala Sanitising Water into (just don't mix it with other substances). This will purify the air from airborne germs, helping to maintain a happy and healthy home environment. Made from electrolysed water and salt - no alcohol, no fragrance and no harsh chemicals, you don't have to keep the windows open like you would with diffused common household disinfectants.

So as you can see there's a lot that Washy Woala Sanitising Water can do for you and your baby. Consider this Koala Bear your protecting friend and give him a try.

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