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The best hand sanitiser for going back to school

Labology 3 blog post_The best hand sanitiser for going back to school

As if getting ready for going back to school wasn't busy enough, us parents now have to find the best hand sanitiser for kids that is safe for use in schools too. Good news is we've got you sorted. This year, pop our Super Antibacterial Hand and Surface Sanitiser into your kids school bag. There are many wonderful reasons your children will prefer using it instead of those nasty and sticky hand gels. Here's our favourites:

1. It's alcohol free

Our Super Antibacterial Hand and Surface Sanitising Water is ideal for school kids because it's free from alcohol. Alcohol based sanitisers can be unsafe if misused. From their flammability if exposed to a naked flame (hide those bunsen burners) to their toxicity if ingested, we discourage sending kids to school with alcohol sanitisers in their bag. Thankfully, sanitising water is a completely safe, even if accidentally ingested making it a trustworthy alternative.

2. It kills more germs than alcohol

Our sanitising water is made from natural hypochlorous acid. We admit it might sound scary, but made from salt, water and an electrical current it's actually very gentle. Yet, it kills 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% viruses in under 60 seconds, including Hepatitis A and Norovirus, which alcohol disinfectants don't. Our hand sanitiser is also proven effective against influenza and even Covid-19 on surfaces, helping to keep those infectious bugs at school at bay.

Labology 3_Super Antibacterial Sanitising Water Spray_the best hand sanitiser for kids and babies

3. It's gentle on skin

There's nothing worse than pouring alcohol sanitiser onto dry cracked skin. And with frequent hand washing being an essential requirement of back to school culture, we understand all too well the risk of eczema and dry skin on our kids. Thankfully, our sanitising water is dermatologically tested, non drying on skin and won't cause any irritation. It's really the best sanitiser for sensitive skin types, so much so you can even use it on babies.

4. It's natural

Our sanitising water is made from water and salt. Nothing else. It's transformed into hypochlorous acid via an electrical current. Hypochlorous acid is a natural substance our immune system makes to effectively kill infectious bugs. Our formula is one of the few that are compliant with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). This matters because making stable and safe hypochlorous acid can be tricky business. When it's BPR compliant you know that you are giving your kids the safest and highest quality sanitiser.

5. It's a pocket friendly size

Our Super Antibacterial Hand and Surface Sanitiser Spray comes in handy 65ml bottles, that are the perfect size for school bags and pockets. No kiddie tantrums and no complaints.

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