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How to know which Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray is the best?

Labology 3_Blog post_How to buy the best Sanitising Water for hands and surfraces

There's a lot of Sanitising Water Sprays A.K.A Hypochlorous Acid for hands and surfaces that are cropping up online and in stores like Boots and Superdrug. Yet, an overwhelming majority are unregulated, not registered, much less compliant to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). The BPR are the governing body that ensures safety and efficacy of cleaning products in the UK. All the more why it's important to get clued up and feel confident that you are buying the best and safest Hypochlorous Acid sanitiser spray for you and your family.

We spoke to Michelle, Chief Marketing Windscreen Wiper at Team Scientists, Labology 3. Yep, it’s a real job. She spends her time testing our Super Antibacterial Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray formula in comparison to competitors on the market, effectively cleaning up their smokescreens that might otherwise cloud consumer judgement and result in them squandering their money.

Labology 3_Pack of 12 Super Antibacterial Sanitising Water for hands and surfaces

Turns out, two of the most popular sanitising waters (who we’ll admit also happen to be the cheapest on the market), failed our quality testing. But don’t just take our word for it, here are the results.

Take Tile X. Tile X has a bacterial count of 10 million colony forming units. That’s a lot of bacteria. Eight versions of Tile X were measured with the same bacterial count for the purpose of this test. Each competitor (we’ll call them 1 and 2) as well as our Super Antibacterial Sanitising Water were put to the test twice over.

Drum roll please for the results….

First go Competitor 1. It reduced the bacterial count from 10 million to 9 thousand. Not bad, but not great either. In the second go, the bacterial reduction was even weaker. Michelle observed a reduction from 10 million to 1 million. So at its worst, it’s killing 90% bacteria. Not the 99.9% it claims. How did the other competitor fare?

Competitor 2 reduced the bacterial count from 10 million to 150 thousand in Round 1. Did it redeem itself in Round 2? Sadly, it resulted in a bacterial reduction to 400 thousand. This means that it killed only 60% bacteria at its lowest and 85% at its best. Yet another far cry from the 99.9% antibacterial activity it claimed.

Labology 3_Super Antibacterial Hand and Surface Sanitiser Spray safe for kids and babies

Now for our Super Antibacterial Sanitising Water. In round 1, Michelle measured a bacterial reduction from 10 million to 10. Question is, could we do it again? Absolutely! In round two our sanitising water saw a reduction from 10 million to less than 10. That’s mega disinfection at an average of 99.9999% antibacterial activity.

It's worth noting that the two competitors at the time of testing were unregulated brands. We feel that our test, highlights the concerns with buying sanitising waters that are not compliant with the BPR. Whilst they might be considerably cheaper, the pay off is ineffective antibacterial activity, which defies the purpose of use. A good tell-tale sign as to whether you're buying a safe and premium quality Hypochlorous Acid based sanitiser spray, is to check whether the brand hold the necessary approvals with the BPR. If not, we recommend you go elsewhere.

Thankfully, our Super Antibacterial Sanitising Water is fully approved. You can review our safety data sheet below and feel rest assured that we deliver on our promises.

Labology 3 Safety Data Sheet
Download PDF • 244KB

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