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Low on ideas for kids summer activities?

Well here's one idea that might lighten the load...

Labology 3 Super Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray for sensitive skin, babies and kids-summer-activities

Theme Park. Done.

Outdoor Treasure Trail. Done.

Day at the beach. Done.

Another Play date?? 😬

As you exhaust through the kids activity list this summer, heave a sigh of relief knowing at least the sanitiser is sorted.

Labology 3 Super Antibacterial Multipurpose Alcohol Free Sanitiser Spray for Kids Activities and Adventures

Labology 3 Super Antibacterial Multipurpose Sanitiser Spray for kids adventures

Made with multipurpose yet ultra gentle sanitising water our alcohol-free and eco-friendly hand, surface and pretty much everything you can think of sanitiser (after all, we've counted at least 16 different uses so far) answers all your sanitary needs. For curious little fingers that like to touch everything and parents with hands that juggle far too much.

✔️ Spray on tables for germ-free alfresco dining

✔️ Deodorise sweaty footwear or clothing for double wears because someone forgot to pack spares (don’t worry, we don’t judge)

✔️ Disinfect cuts and grazes

✔️ Sanitise fingers after an impromptu outdoor wee (or maybe it’s the handles in the public loos that need a spray down?!)

We could go on…


has you covered. It eliminates 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% viruses in seconds.

Trust us when we say its fast acting multi-use takes the stress out of parenting this summer.

Need the extra help-in-hand in your handbag? Fancy a 10% saving too?

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