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What is Baby Sanitising Water?

If you're looking for a hand and surface sanitiser spray that's safe for baby and effective. Look no further.

Labology 3_Super Antibacterial Sanitising Water_Baby Sanitiser Spray

So what exactly is sanitising water? In short: the best hand (and surface) sanitiser you can get your hands on. Especially for babies.

No we’re not exaggerating either. Our sanitising water is made from wonder substance Hypochlorous Acid. It’s name might sound scary, but truth is, made from electrolysed water and salt (nothing else), it’s a bit of a gentle giant (shh… we won’t tell if you don’t).

It’s one of nature’s most powerful antiviral substances. It’s found in our white blood cells and plays an essential role in helping our immune system kick out infections.

Our team of scientists, who we like to think of as the Geek Mob (because their technical smarts has successfully replicated and stabilised it, making pretty much every bacteria and virus quake in their boots), have rigorously tested our sanitiser spray to British standards.

Labology 3_Pack of 6_Super Antibacterial Sanitising Water Spray for baby

Result? Its been proven to kill 99.99% viruses including Covid-19 on hard surfaces and 99.9999% bacteria, including many specific germs that alcohol gels don’t! All in under 60 seconds. Yes, you read that right, it’s more effective than alcohol.

It gets better. Despite its mega action, it feels just like water. No stinging, no fragrances, no harsh toxic chemicals and no stickiness either. In fact it's so safe that it's harmless even if accidentally ingested (although we don't recommend you try this). This is why our Handy Pandy & Washy Woala Baby & Kids Hygiene Water are the perfect solution for your baby. You can spray them on their hands and not worry about them sticking their fingers in their mouths after; on their toys, at play parks, public loos and anywhere else that makes you think 'yurgh'. And you don't need to rinse it off either. Win!

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