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Why you need to regularly sanitise your beauty tools with Labology 3

Labology 3 Super Antibacterial Hygiene Sanitising Water quickly and effectively cleans beauty tools like hairbrushes, tweezers, nail clippers and makeup brushes

Did you know that your beauty tools are home to trillions of bacteria? It's true. Our hairbrushes can hold up to 3,500 colonies of bacteria per square inch from product build-up , never mind transference from the ecology that live on our scalp. No, not all are bad, but some can be. What's more is Dr David Caballero-Lima's research unearthed that unwashed makeup brushes hold more bacteria than your loo. And don't get us started on what's lurking on your nail clippers too! These germs can cause infections like acne, fungal overgrowth (which can cause hair loss on the scalp) and other health problems. And if you share your beauty gadgets and grooming tools, well you're doubling (if not tripling or quadrupling...) down on the build up. So it's important to regularly keep your beauty tools clean and sanitised as part of your wellbeing regimen for you and your family. But what is the best and quickest way to do this?

One option is to use a disinfectant, such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, to kill the bacteria on your beauty tools. However, these chemicals can be harsh on our skin, bodies, and environment and are potentially damaging to the tools themselves, especially with repeated use. They also take a long time to work, some requiring soaks for a minimum of 30 minutes. Alcohol won't work on bacterial spores and some viruses like Norovirus too.

That's where Labology 3 Super Antibacterial Cleansing Water comes in. Made with hypochlorous, a natural disinfectant we make inside our bodies to fight off infections, this Immuno-Hygiene® spray feels just like water, is gentle on beauty tools and effective at eliminating a wide range of bacteria fast (spores, fungi and viruses too, including those that 60%+ alcohol don't work on). We're talking under 60 seconds. It is no wonder that it is loved by celebrity hairdressers, manicurists and makeup artists like Michelle Class and Melissa Bourne for its ability to rapidly and effectively clean and sanitise a wide range of tools and surfaces.

Celebrity Manicurist Michelle Class Recommends Labology 3 Sanitising Water for tools, hairdressers, make up artists and brushes

But keeping your family's beauty tools sanitised is more than good hygiene and beneficial for your health.

You might not realise, bacteria can cause your beauty tools to deteriorate over time. By keeping them clean and sanitised with Labology 3 Super Antibacterial Cleansing Water, you can extend their lifespan and save money on replacements. You'll also optimise how they work. Clean and sanitised beauty tools are more effective. Bacteria and dirt can build up on your tools, making them less effective at performing their intended tasks. By regularly sanitising them with Labology 3 Super Antibacterial Cleansing Water, you can ensure that they work at their best without spreading icky germs.

Labology 3 Super Antibacterial Hygiene Sanitising Water is natural and best way to clean beauty tools

So all in all, it is important to keep your beauty tools clean and sanitised to prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain their effectiveness. Using a gentle sanitising spray likeLabology 3 Super Antibacterial Cleansing Water is a safe and effective way to do this. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself.

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