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Labology 3 Hygiene Hypoallergenic Cleansing Water for nail and cuticle prep disinfectant

Eliminates 99.99% microbes on hands, nails & skin

A Cleansing Water that's wonderfully rebellious

Labology 3 Natural and Hypoallergenic alternative to Barbicide Disinfectant spray for Salon and Beauty Professionals

Third Party Tested eliminating 99.9999% bacteria on your beauty tools & surfaces

It's the next best thing to an autoclave

Labology_3_Baby and Kids Hygiene Water safe and hyoallergenic for eczema prone kids

The safest & only BPR Compliant sanitising water

For your baby & Kids

"It's a game changer on so many levels"

Marian Newman BEM, Author of 'Nailed It' and 'The Complete Nail Technician'

"This is the coolest sanitiser"

Roxie Nafousi, Self development coach & speaker

"I wouldn't be without it now"

Michelle Class, Celebrity Manicurist

"Magic spray"

Ashley Louise James, Mother, presenter & DJ

"Wouldn't have anything else in my kit!"

Robbie Tomkins, Celebrity Manicurist

The new & better hygiene standard

Why the best in Beauty say we're A game changer


Free from alcohol, fragrance, bleach and harsh chemicals, our disinfectant sprays feel just like water on even the most sensitive skin types. Perfect for cleansing hands, cuticles, piercings and more.


Our gentle yet powerful sanitising active is kind to the environment. It won't contaminate your water supply, nor pollute your indoor air quality and it's non harmful to aquatic life.


With its water-like properties that eliminate 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% germs, our hygiene sprays have passed BPR safety for use on skin, surfaces, pets and even drinking water (though we don't recommend you drink it!).


Results shared by our customer Amy, a manicurist & salon owner, who suffers from skin allergies. Results are after 5 months of switching alcohol based disinfectants in her salon to our Super Antibacterial Cleansing Water.

Labology 3 Customer review_before photo of nail tech skin allergy using alcohol disinfectants and hand sanitisers


Labology 3 Customer review_after photo using our hypoallergenic hygiene water instead of alcohol based hand sanitisers on allergy prone skin


Labology 3_Super Antibacterial Cleansing Water for Sensitive Hands and Nail prep loved by Biosculpture manicurists


Loved by Luxury Manicurists for its gentle and hydrating antibacterial care on sensitive hands and feet and post cuticle prep.

Labology 3 Super Antibacterial All Purpose Cleansing Water is a natural alternative to Barbicide for Official Navy and Lucy Pastorelli nail tools

Beauty tools & devices

Quickly and effectively disinfect your beauty tools and gadgets between uses in under 2 minutes to a standard that meets 21 EN categories.

Labology 3 Super Antibacterial All Purpose Cleansing Water is better than Barbicide and works on salon hygiene surfaces as well as tools


Safely eliminate 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% germs on your surfaces, including those that come into contact with food.

Labology 3 Vital Baby hygiene Water is the only BPR compliant sanitising water for baby and kids that is natural and safe

babies & kids

The first and only all-purpose hygiene water for babies, toddlers and kids that is compliant with the Biocidal Product Regulation to a standard that is safe for drinking water for guaranteed peace of mind.

Kay Ali Founder of Labology 3_Natural_Effective Hygiene Brand for Beauty professionals_alternative to Barbicide

Meet our founder

kay ali

Over a decade supporting women's health and pregnancies led her to create the best non-toxic all-purpose sanitiser for every woman's needs.

Today it's loved by Celebrity Manicurists, world renowned Hairdressers, Make-Up Artists and Beauty Professionals for its fast-acting and water-like antimicrobial properties that can be used on skin, tools and surfaces. From front cover shoots with Naomi Campbell to behind the scenes campaigns with Bella Hadid it has become the must-have sanitising saviour in professional beauty kits and everyday people's beauty bags.

Real people, real experiences

AS seen on social media

Biosculpture Manicurist Bara Hoyle loves and recommends Labology 3 hygiene water for a natural disinfectant in her nail kit

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Bio Sculpture Manicurist-Nicole-McMillan-cocodoesnails-uses-Labology-3-hypoallergenic-hygiene-spray-as-part-of-her-nail-prep

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Jessica-Rhoades-Biosculptire-manicurists-uses-Labology-3-disinfectant-at-Bio Sculpture-and-Vogue-beauty-event

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Leah-Parr-Luxury-Bio Sculpture-manicurist-uses-Labology-3-allpurpose-disinfectant-at-Biosculpture-x-Nobodys-Child-beauty-event

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Results from our customer Laura, a manicurist and carer who suffers from contact dermatitis. Her results were taken after 5 days of switching alcohol hand sanitisers for our Super Antibacterial Cleansing Water.

Labology 3 Customer review before photo using alcohol hand sanitisers and disinfectants_nail tech with skin allergy


Labology 3 Customer review after 5 days of using our hypoallergenic super antibacterial hygiene water instead of alcohol hand sanitisers and disinfectants